Thursday, February 8, 2018

How to Relocate a Business Abroad

Relocating your business may mean better growth, access to more promising markets and a potential larger business success. Investors need to find out how to relocate a business abroad depending on the particular jurisdiction they target, but also by considering a set of general issues such as the type of company, the business climate and the taxation regime in the new jurisdiction.

Consider the business structure

When deciding to relocate an existing company it is important to explore the types of business structures that exist in the jurisdiction of choice. While there are international equivalents for most of the business forms, like the private limited liability company, investors are advised to get to know the exact characteristics of the business form which is the equivalent of the type of company they wish to relocate. The transition will be simpler from a private limited liability company to its equivalent than to a public limited company for example.

Ireland can be a suitable option if you want to relocate your business to Europe. The country has a simple company formation process, an educated workforce and a low corporate income tax rate.

The experts at can give you complete information about the types of companies available to foreign investors and the conditions to relocate an existing business in Dublin or another city of your choice.

Tax changes in the new jurisdiction

Investors who choose to relocate their business in Asia have a number of options as far as suitable jurisdictions are concerned. Malaysia is a country that encourages company formation through a series of incentives for businesses. Opening a company in Malaysia is subject to a few steps and registration with the Companies Commission.

Company relocation to Malaysia or another country will include a change in the taxation regime. The corporate income tax rate is usually an important factor when deciding to relocate a company. Ultimately, investors will choose a jurisdiction that offers them advantages over multiple plans, not only taxation.

The tax experts at can give you more information should you choose to relocate your company to Asia.

Regardless of the jurisdiction you choose, it is always recommended to explore your available option and the local conditions for doing business before committing to relocating your company in another country.

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