Thursday, February 8, 2018

How to open a company in a foreign country

Entrepreneurs from all over the world search for new ways of extending their businesses on the foreign markets where they can benefit from low taxation and new opportunities. They have the possibility to open a branch/subsidiary of their company or to open a new entity, according to the local regulations. Sometimes the foreign investors don’t know how to start the preparations for setting up a company in another country and they need local guidance. In this case, they should contact a local company formation specialist or lawyer who is specialized in company formation matters.
Opening of a company or subsidiary/branch can take from a few days in most of the Western European countries, such as Ireland, to a few months in states that are not well developed. The incorporation procedures can be very simple or complicated according to the bureaucratic process in every country. If you don’t want to travel to another country and spend there a few weeks/months trying to incorporate the company by yourself, it is recommended to contact a local lawyer or company formation specialist. He/she will be in charge with the incorporation procedures and will represent you in front of the local authorities. You need to give him/her a power of attorney and he/she will deal with the whole process in exchange for a certain fee. At the end of this procedure, you will receive the documents you need for starting your economic activity, including the special permits or licenses related to your business.
You can find a lot of companies that offer company formation services, such as and, if you search on the Internet and you may choose the one that suits your business objectives and budget.

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