Wednesday, May 13, 2015

How a foreign investor can set up a company in Malta

Malta is a very interesting jurisdictions for setting up tax minimization structures (for Romanian investments as well).

Malta is chosen as a business destination by many foreign entrepreneurs who are attracted by the low company formation costs, the tax efficient jurisdiction and the business opportunities in this small country, close to two continents – Africa and Europe. For registering a company in Malta, no matter its size, you may contact a local lawyer who knows the legal steps and can help you incorporate your company in just a few days, after you submit all the required documents.
For registering a company in Malta, based on Companies Act that came into force in 1995, you need a memorandum of association that contains the following information:
- the name of the company that must be unique;
- the type of company you want to register;
- the address of the registered office in Malta;
- the economic activities it will perform;
- the amount of share capital to be paid for the registration and the total amount of share capital;
- the name of the subscribers of the memorandum, their addresses and also the number of shares owned by each of them;
- the number of directors and information about each of them (name, address etc.);
- details about the company secretary;
- representation of the company -  who is entitled to represent the registered entity.
Trade Register is the local authority that handles the company registration procedure.
Benefits of incorporating a company in Malta
An investor who chooses to register a company in Malta can benefit from a refund if the shareholder of the company is a non-resident in this country. There is also a tax refund for a company registered in Malta that holds a participating interest in another non-resident company. Another benefit is that the distribution of profits to the non-resident shareholders is exempt from withholding taxes and stamp duties. The dividends can be expatriated with no restrictions to the non-resident shareholders.
Our lawyers can also help you register companies in other countries and regions, such as Dubai and China.

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