Monday, October 6, 2014

Dental Tourism in Romania - a Rising Business

Since Romania is becoming a world-famous destination for dental tourism we believed it was time to provide the readers of our blog with information on this type of activity in Romania.
From the UK, Israel or even the United States, a rising number of tourists arrive to Romania for dental work. This is not because Romania offers a special kind of dental treatments, but because the prices are much lower than at home. In order to facilitate the accommodation here, certain cabinets have special departments for relations with foreign patients practicing dental tourism. It manages their stay here, facilitating their visits to the cabinet according to the time limits and the services they require. An example in this sense would be Romanian Dental, a service started by a well-known dental clinic in Romania with the purpose of providing all the necessary information on arrangements of trips, various dental treatments and dental tourism in general. The service can offer detailed information on prices for dental treatment in Romania, services provided by the clinic, arranging your trip in Romania: from transportation to hotel reservations.
Enescu & Cuc Law Firm can offer full legal assistance for opening this type of business in Romania, including the company formation and assistance for obtaining the necessary permits.

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