Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Why Start a Business in Cluj?

We believe it is time to share some additional information on the procedures necessary for establishing companies in other main Romanian cities such as Cluj. We have had an increase in the number of requests for Cluj as the investments rise in the area. With this in mind we suggest interested investors to read the following material:

Why would opening a company in Cluj be a good idea? An example would be the latest news:
Cluj's Mayor Emil Boc has requested the support of the European Commission in Bucharest to supplement 10 percent of EU funds allocated Cluj-Napoca to complete some projects that over eight million, saying that the decision will belong to the government.

A specialist's opinion: Cluj is among the champions of EU accession, European values ​​because there are many who live day by day and we can see them at work. Entrepreneurship is very strong here, the energies of the region are used constructively and not in another way (...). Cluj look good absorption rate.

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