Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Investing in Romanian Tourism

The tourism business continues to be on the rise in Romania, as the country grows continuously in the area. Specialists do consider Romania to have an enormous potential in tourism with an important part of the country being covered in forests, existence of a growing number of skiing resorts, highly attractive resorts at the seaside and a growing number of city-break tourists in Bucharest, a city known everywhere for its exciting nightlife and low prices. With this is in mind we believe that this would be a good time for those investors looking to open a hotel, a travel agency or any other tourist related business in Romania. Please contact our law firm located in Bucharest in order to set up any type of tourism - related business in Romania.

Tourist receptions in Romania in the first two months showed an increase of 4.6 % over the same period last year to 1.78 million. Romanian tourists' overnight stays after February were increased by 11.5% , according to the INS.
Foreign tourists accounted for 21.1 % of all overnight stays in the first two months , the highest share of those returning from Europe (79.5 % of total foreign tourists ) , and of these , 80.6 % were from EU countries .

The average length of stay was two days for both groups of tourists.

In February , tourist reception almost 950,000 overnight stays were registered , 11.5 % more than in February 2013. Of this total , foreigners held 20 % , most of them from Europe (77.4 %).

Most foreigners who visited Romania in the first two months came from Germany, Italy , France and Israel.

They were directed to Bucharest and other main cities, as well as tourist attractions and mountain resorts.

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