Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Investing in Romanian Agriculture

Investing in Romania's enormous agricultural potential is definitely a good idea, and the latest figures seem to agree with us: the export of Romanian agricultural products has double in the recent years. According to Mediafax, last year exports of agricultural products were 5,1 billion, exceeding imports with 300 million. Exceptional was the evolution of exports of the last six years. From about one billion euros in 2007 to 5,1 billion euros in 2013. At this time there is no other industry that increased five times in six years!

In the same period , Romania's exports have doubled from 25 billion to 50 billion euros , which means that the share of exports of agricultural products doubled in this period a total of 4 % to 10 % .

The € 5.1 billion exports last year were obtained on the basis of doubling exports of wheat ( 1 billion euros , 4.7 million tons ) and a significant increase in exports of maize ( 700 million) , Sunflower sun (600 million euros), barley and rapeseed (400 million euros) .

In total, gross grain exports means 2.7 billion euros. 's Next top exports of sheep and goats ( 150 million) , cattle ( 130 million euros) and poultry ( 140 million euros).

In total, exports of grain and livestock means 3.2 billion euros, or two thirds of the 5.1 billion euros in 2013.

It should be noted , however, that we have a substantial increase in processed food , even if the values ​​are low now  at this time (these were even lower in the past).

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