Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Chinese Investments in Romania

As a Romanian Law Firm with over 90% of our clients being foreign business people expanding their business operation in Romania, we are very interested in the recent developments related to the expected Chinese investments in Romania. It remains to be seen how much of these investments will actually materialize, however the plans are certainly interesting enough. 
Chinese investors are looking to build a high speed rail link via Bucharest to Constanta as well as modernize rail way tracks around Bucharest. The Romanian side wants rapid rail line to be built from scratch and not rebuild the existing tracks. 
The Romanian Prime Minister Dragnea, located in China, said that he met with the leadership of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, which he has proposed to open a subsidiary in Romania.  Chinese bank representatives have reported that, in principle, agree with this idea.
"We had a meeting with the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, the largest bank in the world, with a capital of three trillion dollars. I asked the Chinese bank to open a branch in Romania and they told me that in principle they agree, which for us is very important, "said Dragnea. The bank's representatives have shown interest to financially support investment in Romania.
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