Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Foreign Investment Peaks in 2013

FOREIGN DIRECT INVESTMENT last year totaled 2.71 billion euros, up by 26.8 % compared to 2012 , reaching the last four years maximum after the first assessment in 2012 was recorded at the beginning of the financial crisis, according to the National Bank of Romania (BNR ). For legal assistance while investing in Romania please contact our law firm.

Consolidated equity estimated net loss amounted to 1.776 billion euros and 937 million euros intercompany loans .
The highest FDI was recorded in 2008 , of 9.496 billion euros. Between 2003 and 2006 Romania recorded every year increases in foreign investment , which reached 5.183 billion euros in 2004 , 5.213 billion euros in 2005 and 9.056 billion euros in 2006. In 2007 there was a reduction of foreign capital invested in Romania , to 7.25 billion, followed by an increase to a record in 2008.
Starting next year , the indicator has deteriorated sharply decreasing investments to 3.48 billion euros in 2009 and 2.2 billion in 2010.
In 2012 , net FDI increased for the first time since the crisis began , the advance being 18.7 % to 2.138 billion euros, according to final data released by the central bank and the INS , while initial estimates showed a decrease of 11 % compared to 2001. 

Monday, February 10, 2014

Partner Law Firm in Slovenia is a company that provides a wide range of legal consulting services for international clients who want to expand their business in Slovenia. As a part of Bridgewest, a European Company Formation Agent, benefits from a long lasting expertise in establishing companies all around Europe.

Our partners in Slovenia, the PLAUSTAJNER&PLAUSTAJNER law office, have a long tradition with a heritage dating back in the early 1888. After 36 years of working in Celje the office is now operating in Ljubljana. The law office has been carried on since 1973 by Konrad Plaustajner, a professional and renowned attorney with a working experience of over 40 years in civil and commercial law. Ms. Konrad Plaustajner’s extensive working expertise helped him transform his office in a renowned brand on the Slovenian legal market.

The cabinet’s areas of expertise include civil, corporate and administrative law, litigations, Internet regulations and European Acts.  The members of the cabinet speak English, German, French, Spanish, Croatian, and Serbian.

Ms. Konrad Plaustajner’s law office consists of a perfect blend between experience acquired through the many years of practice and a number of young and enthusiast lawyers eager to prove themselves by solving their clients’ problems.

Clients can find on our site comprehensive information related to company establishment and liquidation, litigations, taxation regulations, debt collection and Double taxation treaties signed by the Slovenian government in order to attract foreign investors. The process of company incorporation is among the easiest in the world, taking only one working week due to the centralized one-stop-shop. The workforce from Slovenia is recognized as being well trained and prepared to face any types of challenges. Slovenia is situated in a very advantageous geographical location in Central Europe having borders with Italy, Austria, Croatia and Hungary, and therefore facilitating the trades and the communication with some of the largest markets in Europe. These are just a few reasons Slovenia becomes increasingly more appealing from the investments point of view.