Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Plans to Modernize Romanian Danube Ports

The Romanian Minister of Transports has recently made declarations related to plans of the Romanian Government to modernize the Romanian Danube Ports. This would mean a very important boost to the local cities and important developments in the country. Lastly it would definitely also mean some additional points of interest for foreign investors in Romania.

"There are many infrastructure projects that I would like to go down in history, but one of them, which I hope it can carry out is the one that refers to the corridor Danube - Main - Rhine, for example, the draft integrated that not only do the Danube waterway and the huge potential of economically , but we can modernize all the ports that are the Danube, to modernize in the sense that we multimodal centers , intermodal logistics , "said the Romanian Minister of Transports in the Romanian press.

" This project will be conducted in the Connecting Europe Facility, we have allocated 750 million euros to this project is an integrated project: rebuilding ports and logistics centers, " said the minister.

The Romaian Ministry of Transport announced in October that it had 1.3 billion euros, European money which will be used to rehabilitate railway Craiova-Calafat, an investment of 400 million euros, and to modernize the 16 Danube ports and sea.

Note: E&C Law Firm has provided in the past assistance to foreign investors activating in the infrastructure development in the country and foreign companies participating in auctions organized by the Romanian State.

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