Friday, December 20, 2013

Areas of Foreign Investment in Romania for 2014

There are quite a few predictions available in the media for the main areas of investment in Romania by foreign investors, however mostly all specialists agree that agriculture, IT and outsourcing will be the main areas of interest for foreign investors in Romania next year. As a law firm with the vast part our clientele being foreign investors in Romania, Enescu & Cuc Law Firm has assisted over the last 10 years business people expanding into all mentioned areas with the purchase of Romanian agricultural land, IT and Communication as well as outsourcing companies setting up base in the country.

"The main argument for the interest in agriculture is the intention of foreign investment funds to purchase land and farms, but also for the cultivation. Romanian land offers major advantages to investors, because there are large areas of land that can be assigned organic crop area, which raises the price of the final product, "said in a statement Bogdan Badea, managing director Accace in Romania, in accordance to Mediafax.

Among the areas of interest next year, agriculture will attract the largest part of investment, but the percentage can not be estimated.

IT is also an area of ​​interest due to increasing demand for applications and software development, where Romania is regarded as one of the most mature markets for outsourcing.

One of the factors that attracted foreign companies lately, but that often goes unnoticed, is outsourcing. The reason for this is simple: the great ratio price - quality of services provided , simplified internal processes and increasing investor confidence in the local market by reducing the negative impact of fiscal unpredictability and taking administrative burden.

Analyzing the preparedness of Romania regarding foreign investment, the company shows the benefits to the countries in the region remain labor and operational costs low , while weaknesses are the bureaucracy that investors perceive as excessive taxation and lack of predictability.

NOTE: Enescu & Cuc is a law firm that maintains good professional relations to a multitude of European lawyers. One of these law firms is located in Belgium.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Plans to Modernize Romanian Danube Ports

The Romanian Minister of Transports has recently made declarations related to plans of the Romanian Government to modernize the Romanian Danube Ports. This would mean a very important boost to the local cities and important developments in the country. Lastly it would definitely also mean some additional points of interest for foreign investors in Romania.

"There are many infrastructure projects that I would like to go down in history, but one of them, which I hope it can carry out is the one that refers to the corridor Danube - Main - Rhine, for example, the draft integrated that not only do the Danube waterway and the huge potential of economically , but we can modernize all the ports that are the Danube, to modernize in the sense that we multimodal centers , intermodal logistics , "said the Romanian Minister of Transports in the Romanian press.

" This project will be conducted in the Connecting Europe Facility, we have allocated 750 million euros to this project is an integrated project: rebuilding ports and logistics centers, " said the minister.

The Romaian Ministry of Transport announced in October that it had 1.3 billion euros, European money which will be used to rehabilitate railway Craiova-Calafat, an investment of 400 million euros, and to modernize the 16 Danube ports and sea.

Note: E&C Law Firm has provided in the past assistance to foreign investors activating in the infrastructure development in the country and foreign companies participating in auctions organized by the Romanian State.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Chinese Investments in Romania

Finally it seems that Romania is trying to make the most of its geographical position in Eastern Europe bordering the Black Sea. As we are a law firm that deals mostly with foreign investors we salute the ideas launched during the latest Chinese official visit to the country.

Romania is targeted by China for inclusion on the strategic map of the new Silk Road , Beijing- London axis. This explains the Chinese official interest accords Romanian infrastructure projects such as a high speed train between Arad and Constanta and a mammoth industrial park on the Black Sea .

The Chinese prime-minister's visit to Bucharest is not accidental and Chinese investors send an important political message in the context in which Romania applying for inclusion on the map of the new Silk Road . It is a large project thought to facilitate trade between Beijing and the EU, in the context in which China wants to redirect to the community about 5 % of total exports.

The Romanian authorities have discussed with the Chinese on several infrastructure projects , including a high-speed train linking Constanta and Bucharest to Vienna , and an industrial park in the port area Agigea balance, the Danube - Black Sea Black Sea respectively .

The new park is expected to host the 2000 Romanian-Chinese joint ventures that facilitate trade between the two countries , especially in terms of agricultural products and electronics .

"China is the largest developer in the moment and it is important to generate projects that create jobs and wealth. These jobs generate some income taxes , social taxes , a share of which come from local authorities and develop budgets localities . solve social problem is unemployment, which is very important for any family , there are many factors which are very beneficial if we , the global economic crisis situation , to bring billion investment . example , this park Agigea is estimated at $ 10 billion by the Chinese and only 1% for construction authorization think of how much , "said Nicu Constantinescu .

Another project that is in question is the first high -speed train that would reduce from 15 to 4 hours distance between Arad and Constanta .

Why would the Chinese invest tens of billions in Romania

Infrastructure projects that Chinese investors discuss them these days in Bucharest with Romanian authorities are of strategic importance to Beijing , said Ionel Blanculescu , honorary advisor of Prime Minister . High speed train Arad , Constanta and industrial park on the Black Sea is key pieces in a comprehensive plan to achieve a new " Silk Road " that would cross our country .