Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Romanian-Chinese Trade will increase with over 5 billion

The Romanian Law Firm Enescu & Cuc is oriented towards foreign investors in the Romania therefore have to mention one of the most important international events in Bucharest in the last year: the Eastern-European - Chinese Summit. During this event  the Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang said that the amount of investment contracts that Chinese companies will sign with Romania, during his visit to Bucharest, is "huge" and will exceed the initial value estimated by the two parties.

The Chinese Prime Minister said: "Regarding the amount, I want to assure you that is huge. Tonight, the Work Group will discuss the projects and these will exceed the amount that is initially set contracts. I don't want to mention the amount, because I want to be a surprise, "he further added.

The amounts unofficially representing the value of contracts signed during the visit of Chinese Premier in Bucharest is between 5 and 8 billion.

Romania and China on Monday signed cooperation agreements for the establishment of a joint technology park and resumption of cattle breeding and pork to China, and several cooperation documents on energy, including nuclear and thermoelectric.

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