Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Romania: Strongest Economical Growth in the EU for 2013

Romania has very attractive macro-economical results for 2013 when compared with other EU States. Romania recorded in the third quarter the strong growth in the EU, at 1.6% , followed by Latvia , 1.2 % , while the euro zone economy slowed to a rate of expansion of only 0.1 % , after it came out in the second quarter from a prolonged recession.The Eurozone economy grew by 0.1% in the third quarter from April to June , but fell by 0.4 % on the corresponding period last year, according to data presented Thursday by Eurostat.EU GDP rose by 0.2 % from the previous quarter , while the annualized growth rate was 0.1 % .In the second quarter , growth was 0.3 % in the EU and the euro area , which came as a prolonged period of recession a year and a half.In addition 1.6% from the second quarter and an expansion rate of 4.1 % on the quarter treiela 2012 , Romania recorded for the third quarter of the strongest growth rates in the EU.

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