Thursday, November 14, 2013

Opening of Publishing House in Romania

Publishing is a special type of economic activity an in order to start up a company that specializes in these field special regulations established by the law need to be met. 
The first step in order to register a company specialized in publishing activities is registering the company at the Trade Registry. In order to develop this type of economic activity the Articles of Incorporation need to include when defining the object of activity the following NACE CODES depending on the type of publishing activity that the company will have 5811 publishing activities of books, 5812 publishing activities of guides, lists and similar ASRE, 5813 Publishing activities of newspapers, 5814 Publishing activities of journals and periodicals, 5819 Other publishing activities.
One of the most important things that you need to take into consideration when it comes to publishing activities is the fact that books and articles of any kind are the subject of copyright.
According to the Romanian legislation regulating copyright literary and journalistic writings, lectures, sermons, pleadings, addresses and any other written or oral works, scientific works, written or oral, such as communications, education, university courses, textbooks, scientific projects and documentation are subject of copyright. This means that these types of original works can be made public only if the author decides to do so. Also the author is the one to decide the name under which the creation will be made public, or whether the original creation can be altered. The author of the original creation is the one who will be compensated in case his rights are violated.Copyright gives the author financial rights that arise from his/hers original work. So the reproduction, distribution, renting, elaboration of derivative works give financial rights to the author of the original work.
If you’re planning on opening a publishing company in Romania you need to obtain ISBN Codes from the National Library of Romania.ISBN is international code identification for books.
So after registering the company at the Trade Registry you need to register your publishing company at the National Center of ISBN. This National center is organized in the Romanian National Library. The necessary documents for the registration at the National Center of ISBN are the following:
a)      The articles of incorporation of the company;
b)      The certificate from the Trade Registry;
c)       The standardized form that the Romanian Library provides;
d)      The company’s stamp;
e)      The editorial plan.
At registration the new publishing company will receive a total of 10 ISBN codes. The registration of the Publishing Company will take place only in the presence of the director or of the person designated to handle the editorial activity.
Obtaining the ISBN for a book title confers no right of exclusivity for the name and / or title of the book and the publishing company’s name.
To protect the publisher's company name / title of the book is necessary to register them with OSIM (State Office for Inventions and Trademarks).
Another formality that needs to be taken into consideration is the fact that publishing companies need to print the CIP Description provided by the National Library of Romania on every book they publish. In order to obtain the CIP description from the Romanian National Library the Publishing Company needs to submit a standardized application.
The purpose of the CIP Program is to promote Romanian editorial production and provide the necessary information for the selection, acquisition and processing of new editorial to the beneficiaries.
The CIP Program beneficiaries are publishers, bookstores, libraries, book broadcasters, so by doing so all the interested parties have the all the necessary information regarding editorial appearances on the Romanian book market. The CIP standardized application is filled by the publisher for each book title that is on the prepublication faze.
                The main source for obtaining the necessaryinformation in order to fill the standardized CIP application is the title page of the book. The bibliographic data necessary to identify publications are: the author, title, publisher, and place of publication, year of publication, ISBN, genre or topic briefly summarized.
Another imperative obligation for the publishing company is the procurement of literary stamps. The literary stamp is worth 2% of the selling price of a book and is added to that price. The Literary stamp is applied to each copy of books sold by units of any kind, regardless if the book is edited or not in Romania.
The national authority that issues the literary stamps is the Romanian Office for Copyright. In order to obtain literary stamps for different books the publishing company needs to place an order at the Romanian Office for Copyright for the necessary number of literary stamps.
The sums paid by the publishing companies for the literary stamps are used for certain activities established by the law such as: supporting cultural projects of national interest, participation in contests of interpretation and creation in the country and abroad, promoting actions involving Romanians abroad, support and protection of film, theater and music, adding funds to support the work of young creators, performers etc.

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