Thursday, July 25, 2013

Rising Number of Tourists in Bucharest - Might be Good for Business

The tour operator Neckermann Thomas Cook intends to promote Bucharest in several countries, including Germany, Britain and France as a destination for city break during the summer. Throughout this period the hotel rates are lower than the rest of the year, and tourists pay for a package under 350 euros (reported by Adevarul). Tens of thousands of tourists are expected in the following years.

We appreciate that this might have in the near future some very good effects on local businesses, including some rising interest in the local real estate market and rising profits for Romanian hotels and restaurants. This has happened to some other places in Eastern Europe, such as Prague, Krakow etc.

"The conjuncture is favorable right now. Prices of hotels are very low in summer, because it is low season. Bucharest has more business travelers, who come in summer, and hotels are empty. We must compare it with capitals in the area, Sofia , Prague, Budapest and Bucharest hotels rates are lower than 25-30% in summer, " said Mediafax, George Mărginean owner Karpaten Tourism representative in Romania of concern Neckermann Thomas Cook. Also, summer flies with small occupancy can get tickets at low prices. Also Mărginean said tourists coming to city breaks are aged up to 50 years and are willing to spend more money in the city than tourists circuits.

"Having greater flexibility for city break tourists use and other services to travelers to not use them in an organized manner, for example bus floor.

In addition, everyone will spend money in the historic center and buy souvenirs, "said Representative Neckermann. Price that you will have to pay a foreign tourist who comes for a city break in Bucharest, from Thursday to Sunday, will be included between 300 and 350 euros, and include air transportation, three nights' accommodation at the four star breakfast. first year, thousands of tourists Neckermann had a pilot project last year, which brought in Bucharest city break more than 600 tourists.

Mărginean estimated that with the start of the promotion, the company will bring in the first year thousands of tourists in the capital, their number will grow every year. "Neckermann was satisfied with the outcome of the pilot project and wants to promote on a much larger scale Bucharest. In addition to catalogs, aims to promote capital and outdoor and online in all countries where it has branches, including Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, France, UK, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, Czech Republic and Hungary, "he told Mărginean. He said that this promotion is to liaise with the Romanian state, claims news agency Tuesday. He said that foreigners are interested to come to Bucharest because it is a new destination and cheap.

In 2010-2012, for the creation and promotion of Romania's tourism brand have spent over £ 56 million (13 million), money from European funds. Creating and promoting tourism brand, financed from European funds are part of a project to promote tourism potential of Romania, which are allocated 75 million euros by the end of 2014. Tourism Karpaten annual service charge on the Romanian territory around 200,000 foreign tourists arrived on cruises, tours, trips to the mountains, the sea and the Delta. Thomas Cook, one of the largest travel groups in the world, started again in 2012 to bring foreign tourists in Romania through Neckermann brand, in 2006 after he retired Romanian market. The group last year brought over 5,500 tourists on the coast, and this year is estimated that number will exceed 7,200.

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