Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Opening a Logistics or Transportation Company in Romania

Opening a Logistics or Transportation Company in Romania could prove to be a very profitable idea since it seems that Romania is in the top 10 destinations for such a purpose. Indeed Enescu & Cuc Law Firm has lately received increasing requests from logistics companies looking to activate from Romania because of smaller activity costs and better taxation.

It must be taken into consideration that setting up a Romanian logistics or road transportation company does imply the requirement of obtaining a certain license. For your more information you can contact us; we will be happy to provide some in-depth information.

Romania is the only country in Central and Eastern Europe present a top ten of the most attractive destinations for logistics activities this year, dominated by Western European countries  (the figures were put together by Prologis, one the biggest companies activating in this field).

To achieve interviewed top storage users from different sectors, from retail, pharmaceuticals auto industry. They were asked to make a ranking of the 100 most important locations based on 13 criterias, the first being the most important access routes, proximity to customers, real estate costs, flexibility and availability of labor.

Bucharest and the Western part of Romania were placed in the 8th place among the most "desirable" destination for logistics activities this year and five in 2018, the best scores were obtained in terms of real estate costs and flexibility and availability workforce. As expected, the lowest score was found for Romania's infrastructure and availability of locations for the activity.

The top ten most attractive destinations for 2013 are also found in order, Venlo (Netherlands), Antwerp (Brussels), Rotterdam (Netherlands), Rhein-Ruhr (Germany), Madrid, Liege and central Germany, Ile de France and Dusseldorf.

The first remains Venlo (Netherlands), followed by Rotterdam, Antwerp and Rhein-Ruhr.

Romania managed to outperform markets like Frankfurt, Prague, Munich, Hamburg, Barcelona and West of England.

For additional information on how to expand to Romania or found your Romanian company please contact our Law Firm.

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