Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Types of newly formed businesses in Romania

Some interesting statistics on the types of newly formed businesses in Romania were releases in the Romanian media. This information is quite useful for those investors looking for opportunities in Romania and see the latest business trends. Enescu & Cuc Law Firm is specialized in Romanian company formation therefore please contact us in order to have any related inquiry answered.

It's reported that last year in Romania were registered and were still active, about 140,083 new Romanian businesses, excluding agricultural enterprises. Three quarters of firms headquartered at the manager's domicile. The numbers also show a strange growth in areas such as construction and transport sectors in which new Romanian companies are established. The rate of creation of new enterprises, calculated from 1 January 1995, is situated in the range of 13-17% annually until 2001, after showing a significant increase correlated with improved legislation establishing small and medium enterprises.Almost all new businesses in Romania have a single seat. In 2011, new companies whose registered office is the manager's home address is 71.2 %, while those who value independent company seat is 28.8%. The "industry" new sightings share, 16.8%, is up from previous years. There is a decrease in the share of the trade, hotels and restaurants, and other services and an increase in the share of transport and building sectors.The proportion of founders / managers of newly created aged 45-49 years, has a slight increase of 1.4 percentage points compared to 2010, the age between 40-44 years is a decrease of 1.3 percentage points compared to precedent, other age groups showing slight variations of weights to the situation in 2010. At regional level, the variation around the average is relatively low, the Center has increased by 8.1 percentage points compared to the average for the age group 30-39 years, and the Northeast region has a decrease of 3.1 percentage points compared to the average age group greater than or equal to 60 years. Annually, more than half of the companies have founders / managers men. The proportion of women founders / managers is around a third (a slight decrease compared to 2010), the highest percentage 40.5% recorded in 2010.

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