Monday, April 29, 2013

The Issue of Green Energy in Romania (Government vs Investors)

The Romanian government seems to conduct an indirect dialogue with foreign investors looking to invest in (green) energy in Romania. The Association of Foreign Investment in Romania (FIC) has very recently issued a press release related to Romania’s need for stable and predictable legislation for the energy market.

In FIC’s view (reported by Mediafax), Romania is lagging behind other European countries in the implementation of energy efficiency measures, and the authorities need to set realistic goals and implement balanced policies that do not distort the market.

"Romania needs to establish some realistic goals for energy efficiency and implement balanced and cost effective to avoid market distortions. Should further stimulate investment in energy efficiency and clean technologies to reduce its dependence fossil fuels especially since it is possible that in the future their prices to rise. European funds can be better used to encourage investment in this area especially since these funds are the most consistent and least expensive source of funding available moment for Romania, continues FIC. And the most important message:

To attract investment in the energy efficiency sector, but also in other forms of energy value chain, Romania must adopt a legislative framework characterized by stability, predictability, transparency and ease of application.

In turn, the Romanian Government announces that Producers of electricity in solar panels may not be allowed to install the unit on agricultural land, it will be one of the changes to be made to the law to promote renewable energy.

"Next week we will issue the Emergency Ordinance. And there will be some changes because I received several interesting proposals. For example, why put photovoltaic panels on agricultural land?" asked the Romanian Energy Minister.

We will just have to wait and see as the Romanian Government is always famous for not actually introducing advertised changes of legislation.

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