Thursday, April 25, 2013

Romanian Gearboxes for Mercedes (foreign investment for Romania)

It seems that the combination of specialized labor force and low salaries continues to be very attractive for foreign investors in Romania. In accordance to the Romanian Press (Mediafax),  
German group Daimler will invest over 300 million euros in Romania to expand production of gearboxes for Mercedes-Benz, the local subsidiary Star Transmission in Sebes, Alba county.

As a Romanian Law Firm oriented towards foreign investment we salute this very important announcement made by the German investor.

 Mercedes-Benz Cars, will expand production capacity Star Transmission, because the factory in Stuttgart already operating at full capacity, it said in a release issued Wednesday by the German group.
The company will invest over 280 million euros in Romania to manufacture new generation of automatic gearboxes and the total planned investment exceeds 300 million, the statement said.
Factory in Stuttgart will remain production center gearboxes for Mercedes-Benz vehicles and act as a center of competence for production network gearboxes said Peter Schabert turn, production manager systems transmission in the Mercedes-Benz.
"Star Transmission is over 10 years, a trusted partner of facilities producing transmission systems in Germany. Given the current situation and the experience and excellent collaboration with Star Transmission, the preferred embodiment to provide additional production capacity in a flexible manner, is to expand operations in Romania, "said Schabert.
Romanian employees will follow a special qualification to the factory in Stuttgart-Untertürkheim to ensure the transfer of the German experience in production, quality assurance, maintenance and logistics.
Star Transmission was established in 2001 and has 800 employees in production capacities Cugir and Sebes (Alba), which produces components for engines and gearboxes for Mercedes-Benz, both current models and for models old, ensuring availability of spare parts.
The company produced in 2011 Cugir (mass production parts and components), and Sebes (limited series production, prototypes and devices, including gearbox assembly). Production was transferred from Sebes Cugir last year.
Since mid of this year, Star Transmission (which Daimler holds 78% of shares) will produce the Sebes gearbox five-speed automatic. Since 2014, the current generation of dual-clutch gearbox will also be assembled at Sebes.
The German company plans to assemble the Sebes since 2016 and a new generation of automatic gearboxes, if you get the support of the Romanian Government to expand production capacity.
Prime Minister Victor Ponta announced in late March that approved a memorandum of understanding with "one of the largest and most prestigious companies in Germany, which will open a factory in Romania", without specifying the name of the investor.
Asked what field will invest this company, Premier has shown that it is an area "very dear" Romania, already working two large significant producer.

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