Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Why we have created this Romanian legal blog

Enescu & Cuc Law Firm has been offering legal services to international investors since 2003. We have had clients from over 50 countries and a few hundred companies/commercial entities established for business people expanding to Romania. We are glad to know that we have facilitated some important amounts to be invested in Romania, a good number of jobs to be provided to local employees as well as provided legal advice that resulted in important profits for those that believed in Romania's potential.

Already our website ( contains a large number of articles on the Romanian business environment in 4 languages. Nevertheless we believe that a blog will facilitate even better interaction with those people prospecting to start their businesses in Romania or already doing business here.

This blog will also host our personal opinions on changes in the Romanian legislation (that might influence local or foreign investment), some basic legal advice as well as some good business opportunities in the country.

With some effort from the Romanian State, we still believe that Romania could offer in near future a good retreat for those investors burdened by the own country's fiscal legislation or inhospitable business climate. Again, this would be achievable only after some solid action from the Romanian State.

You're welcome to post any comments or questions related to the legal and business sector in Romania; we'll gladly provide feedback and/or opinions.

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